Cameron Group International-USA Partners with Blue Origin Solar to Expand Solar

Portland, Oregon United States – February 8, 2018

Blue Origin Solar is pleased to announce that it is partnering with Cameron Group International-USA (CGI-US) to expand the Free Commercial Solar upgrade program marketed by Free Commercial Solar. CGI-USA will be reaching out into its expansive business network to market and assess which commercial entities such as car dealerships, refrigerated warehouses, government buildings, and other non-profits such as churches qualify for our Free Commercial Solar upgrade program.

Roger D. Cruise, CEO of Blue Origin Solar stated, “We are very pleased to have Mr. Glenn P DeRosa and his team join in our efforts to expand solar use throughout the United States. Glenn has an amazing background in sustainable technologies. With over 25 years experience in alternative fuels and renewable energies, he patented the first peroxide based fuel to power electric cars in 2000. He also organized and leads two sustainable technology groups: The Boston Green Business Networking Group, and The Boston Area Alternative Energy Supporters. We couldn’t be more pleased with such an experienced and dynamic leader to help us drive more growth of commercial solar power in the US,” stated Mr. Cruise.

Mr. DeRosa is a long time advocate, inventor and facilitator of sustainable technologies, and also serves as the President of CGI-USA. states: “We are very impressed by the expertise of the Blue Origin Solar team, and unique financial structure of the solar investment fund that created this powerful strategy to spread solar energy across the US commercial landscape. Our team at CGI-USA looks forward to working with and Blue Origin Solar and GenCom Solar to accelerate the growth and adoption of solar energy throughout the USA.”

About Blue Origin Solar

Blue Origin Solar designs and develops commercial solar energy systems and is also a co-inventor of portable solar products for outdoor recreation and disaster preparedness. As a commercial solar developer, Blue Origin Solar markets, designs and develops a unique solar retrofit program (Free Commercial Solar) that delivers immediate electricity savings ranging from 10% to 90% for its customers, with zero upfront costs. Blue Origin Solar is based in Portland, Oregon.

About Cameron Group International

Cameron Group International (CGI) is an international consortium that provides major project management, and financing for sustainable technologies and humanitarian aid programs. CGI has offices in many countries throughout the world. CGI-USA is led by Mr. Glenn P. DeRosa, a 25 year veteran of alternative and renewable energy technologies. Mr. DeRosa is an inventor, and multi-faceted consulting and project management expert. He is also the founder and President of DeRosa Enterprises, Inc., and consults on multiple ways of converting waste streams to usable products, saving municipalities millions of dollars annually. CGI-USA is based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Divinergy Takes Active Role in OBOR Initiative – Partners with Blue Origin Solar in US

Sep. 20, 2017, 10:30 AM

NEW YORKSept. 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Divine New Energy (Divinergy), one of the Chinese companies leading the solar revolution, specializes in the development of portable solar lights and solar system solutions. Divinergy’s designs provide sustainable and affordable solar lighting solutions for a variety of applications. Representatives of Divinergy will be attending the 11th Renewable Energy India (REI) Expo, in New Delhi from September 20-22, 2017.

In making its recent announcement, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Liu, stated, “We’re excited to be attending the Renewable Energy India Expo, one of India’s leading events serving the renewable energy industry. It presents a great opportunity for our team to display and showcase our innovative solar products within the Indian market.

Over 300 million people in India don’t have access to the electricity grid and are living in complete darkness,” he added. “Divinergy will work to empower lives through our clean, safe, and affordable off-grid solar solutions. We are always excited to enter mutually-beneficial partnerships with local companies.”

Divinergy has its displays in Hall 11, booth numbers 11.126a-11.126d and will showcase some of its latest off-grid lighting solutions which incorporate major breakthroughs in solar and battery technology development.

Highlights of some of the products to be displayed include solar powered devices that hold up to 400-hours of useable power with just a single charge, battery backup of up to 700 days standby time and durable hardware that is made to last for five years or more.

As a leading provider of off-grid solar solutions and related proprietary technologies, Divinergy is also implementing a strategy to expand its global presence. Initiatives already implemented in this direction include the setting up of a branch office – Man Energy LLC in Dubai and a strategic partnership with Blue Origin Solar in the U.S. to further expand its reach within the Gulf States and North America.

Recently, Divinergy’s branch operations in Dubai (Man Energy LLC) facilitated the installation of automated robots (Photo) that clean solar panels for Dubai Municipality. The municipality needed a solution that would reduce their O&M costs for keeping solar panels clean and fully functioning. Divinergy implemented one of its new smart applications that automate the cleaning of their solar panels – these panels are used to power the lights in Al Khazan Park. This application was a preliminary demonstration of the technical experience and capabilities of Divinergy’s team in executing solutions for future solar projects.

As for its U.S. market strategy, Divinergy and Blue Origin Solar have also co-developed specialized portable solar products for the North American market that will be the most versatile and advanced portable solar products in the U.S. “Our partnership with Divinergy will combine the strengths of both companies as we seek to bring best-of-breed, innovative, portable solar powered solutions to the U.S. market. After a year of development, our first product is expected to be ready to ship by the end of October 2017. We are excited to showcase what’s possible to the many millions of outdoor enthusiasts that make up a majority of the American public,” stated Roger Cruise, Founder and President of Blue Origin Solar, LLC.

About Divine New Energy

Divine New Energy is a leading company that develops portable solar lights and solar system solutions, which are designed to provide sustainable and affordable lighting to many segments including energy-poverty areas, as well as indoor and outdoor activities.

With its proprietary technologies, Divine New Energy is working on empowering lives through clean and reliable off-grid solar products, to make the earth a better place.

Visit our Website for more information:

About Blue Origin Solar

Blue Origin Solar is a distribution and marketing partner with Divinergy, co-developing, marketing and distributing innovative portable solar technologies. Blue Origin Solar’s commercial solar program is designed to deliver immediate savings to its customers with a ZERO upfront cost solar energy project. Blue Origin Solar is based out of Portland, Oregon USA.