Roger D. Cruise

Founder & President

Mr. Cruise has over 21 years of business experience providing capital and corporate development solutions to various small to medium sized companies. Prior to founding Blue Origin Solar, he co-founded a sustainable energy company that was acquired in 2016. Previously he founded and sold a national credit consulting firm, held various levels of responsibility in the mortgage financing industry for companies such as First Horizon National and Golf Savings Bank where he delivered over $100 million in combined new business volume while conducting preliminary underwriting analysis for residential as well as commercial financing. During a 10 year period outside of the mortgage industry, Roger’s responsibilities included serving as a Senior Management Consultant for NorthStar Capital Group, where he was responsible for various roles as a consultant including: capital formation, business and corporate development, and strategic planning for several firms including: The Cronos Group, Boston Capital Corporation, Nationwide Housing Group, Viking Resources (NYSE: MHR), Warren Resources (NASDAQ: WRES), and Kronos Optilink, to name a few. Mr. Cruise completed his Pre-Med requirements at the University of Washington.

Glenn P. DeRosa

Renewable Energy Consultant

Mr. DeRosa has over 25 years of experience in alternative fuels and renewable energies, he patented the first peroxide based fuel to power electric cars in 2000. He also organized and leads two sustainable technology groups: The Boston Green Business Networking Group, and The Boston Area Alternative Energy Supporters. He is passionate about preserving our environment through the use of clean, renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.

Jeffrey L. Giles

Business Development Consultant

Mr. Giles is a 40 year business veteran, and US ARMY Veteran. He has many years’ experience in marketing, logistics, and distribution for a variety of products and services. He has bought, operated and sold three insurance agencies. He holds a BA in Business Administration from the University of Oregon Business School.

Shaun W. Smith

Business Development Consultant

Mr. Smith, has over 10 years of experience in business development including all aspects of marketing, sales and operations. He has worked with all sizes of companies and is passionate about discovering challenges and delivering powerful solutions. Passionate about the positive effects of solar energy, Mr. Smith is committed to increasing our country‘s energy independence by using the sun’s unlimited power. He is also well known for his attention to detail and client satisfaction.