Free Solar Installations to Qualified Non-Profits and Commercial Enterprises

August 25, 2017

Portland, OR – Blue Origin Solar is pleased to announce that effective immediately, it now facilitates commercial solar installations to non-profits and commercial enterprises with no out-of-pocket costs for most customers. Blue Origin Solar’s team has partnered with GENCOM SOLAR to provide commercial solar installations to non-profits and commercial enterprises across the US. Backing this national program is over $1.5 billion in financing capacity making the program one of the largest in the country. With over $600 million and many megawatts of solar capacity already installed using this novel strategy, GENCOM has proven its expertise on developing these projects. “Our approach to making this a win, win scenario, is to make sure our customers are saving at least 10% from their previous electric bill when replaced with a solar power platform. If we cannot save our customers money from the time of installation, we won’t do the project. Our typical client starts by saving 10%, and eventually reaches 80% or greater savings after the 10th year,” stated Roger D. Cruise, founder and President of Blue Origin Solar, LLC.

About Blue Origin Solar

Blue Origin Solar is both an authorized agent of GENCOM SOLAR and a developer of proprietary portable solar devices. Blue Origin Solar’s commercial solar program is designed for a no out-of-pocket cost project, delivering immediate savings benefits for its customers. Blue Origin Solar is based out of Portland, Oregon.

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