Cameron Group International-USA Partners with Blue Origin Solar to Expand Solar

Portland, Oregon United States – February 8, 2018

Blue Origin Solar is pleased to announce that it is partnering with Cameron Group International-USA (CGI-US) to expand the Free Commercial Solar upgrade program marketed by Free Commercial Solar. CGI-USA will be reaching out into its expansive business network to market and assess which commercial entities such as car dealerships, refrigerated warehouses, government buildings, and other non-profits such as churches qualify for our Free Commercial Solar upgrade program.

Roger D. Cruise, CEO of Blue Origin Solar stated, “We are very pleased to have Mr. Glenn P DeRosa and his team join in our efforts to expand solar use throughout the United States. Glenn has an amazing background in sustainable technologies. With over 25 years experience in alternative fuels and renewable energies, he patented the first peroxide based fuel to power electric cars in 2000. He also organized and leads two sustainable technology groups: The Boston Green Business Networking Group, and The Boston Area Alternative Energy Supporters. We couldn’t be more pleased with such an experienced and dynamic leader to help us drive more growth of commercial solar power in the US,” stated Mr. Cruise.

Mr. DeRosa is a long time advocate, inventor and facilitator of sustainable technologies, and also serves as the President of CGI-USA. states: “We are very impressed by the expertise of the Blue Origin Solar team, and unique financial structure of the solar investment fund that created this powerful strategy to spread solar energy across the US commercial landscape. Our team at CGI-USA looks forward to working with and Blue Origin Solar and GenCom Solar to accelerate the growth and adoption of solar energy throughout the USA.”

About Blue Origin Solar

Blue Origin Solar designs and develops commercial solar energy systems and is also a co-inventor of portable solar products for outdoor recreation and disaster preparedness. As a commercial solar developer, Blue Origin Solar markets, designs and develops a unique solar retrofit program (Free Commercial Solar) that delivers immediate electricity savings ranging from 10% to 90% for its customers, with zero upfront costs. Blue Origin Solar is based in Portland, Oregon.

About Cameron Group International

Cameron Group International (CGI) is an international consortium that provides major project management, and financing for sustainable technologies and humanitarian aid programs. CGI has offices in many countries throughout the world. CGI-USA is led by Mr. Glenn P. DeRosa, a 25 year veteran of alternative and renewable energy technologies. Mr. DeRosa is an inventor, and multi-faceted consulting and project management expert. He is also the founder and President of DeRosa Enterprises, Inc., and consults on multiple ways of converting waste streams to usable products, saving municipalities millions of dollars annually. CGI-USA is based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Free Commercial Solar for Churches and NGO’s from Blue Origin Solar

Portland, Oregon, October 21, 2017. Blue Origin Solar is hosting a major event for church and non-profit leaders throughout the Portland, Oregon region to help them find out how to take advantage of a unique sustainable energy platform.

Through a unique commercial solar fund, churches and other facilities have the opportunity to save up to 90% off their current electric bills by converting their existing electricity demand from traditional utility grid sources to solar energy, without any upfront investment.

This event will be held from 10am to 12pm at the Village Inn Restaurant located at: 1621 NE 10th Ave, Portland, OR 97232. Blue Origin Solar’s Founder and President, Roger D. Cruise will be explaining the qualifications of this unprecedented opportunity for church and other community leaders on how to know if their properties qualify.

“Many churches, schools, other non-profits and businesses have already taken advantage of this amazing energy savings program and are enjoying incredible savings on their electricity bills, ranging from the tens of thousands to millions of dollars during the guaranteed 25 year life of these solar energy systems.” This program is backed by a $2 billion solar fund to help proliferate solar energy in more states around the US,” noted Mr. Cruise.

Instrumental in this effort to spread the good news to church leaders about this unique commercial solar retrofit program is Dr. Willie Banks, CEO of the Rosa Parks Foundation of Oregon, a 501c3 non-profit entity. Dr. Banks, a noted civil rights activist and champion of the underserved in all communities, stated, “I appreciate the efforts of Blue Origin Solar to bring this opportunity to so many faith based entities who would not otherwise have the opportunity to save so much money on their electricity bills. Those of us involved with helping others in need understand the importance of maximizing resources so we can promote more good in our communities.”

This informational brunch meeting will be held in the restaurant’s banquet room and is limited to 30 people to allow adequate time for questions and answers. Mr. Cruise went on to state, “Generally speaking, if a church or other property has monthly electricity bills of at least $1,500 or more, and room to install solar panels, on the roof and/or ground, they will likely qualify for this special energy savings program.”

Because space is limited, invited attendees need to RSVP to Blue Origin Solar by sending a brief message to Info@BlueOriginSolar.com with their name, the church or other entity they represent, and who will be attending from their organization.

About Blue Origin Solar, LLC

Blue Origin Solar is a co-developer of novel solar products and distribution partner with Divinergy, an innovative solar technology manufacturer. As marketing partner with Free Commercial Solar, Blue Origin Solar markets a unique commercial solar retrofit program that delivers immediate savings of up to 90% to its customers with zero upfront costs. Blue Origin Solar is based in Portland, Oregon.

About the Rosa Parks Foundation of Oregon

The Rosa Parks Foundation of Oregon, a 501c3 non-profit, whose mission is to honor the memory of Rosa Parks, and the many fellow citizens whose lives have been positively impacted by her bravery. She stood in the face of adversity while championing the rights of all citizens to pursue the American Dream as equals in the United States of America. Rosa Parks Foundation of Oregon is based in Portland, Oregon.

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