Utility Companies Becoming the Next Blockbuster vs. Solar’s Netflix?

With prices of solar energy systems dropping even more rapidly over the last 10 years than the prior 10, many utilities have been stonewalling against any cooperation with businesses and residents to facilitate the transition to solar. The reason is that utilities are used to working as regulated monopolies and are not used to free market competition from alternative energy sources. However they may fight it, by clinging to old, archaic laws and refusing to facilitate this ultimate energy transition taking place, utilities are insuring their demise as they become less and less relevant. New technologies will soon make the combination of solar and energy storage technology a viable alternative to being connected to the grid at all, thus creating an opportunity for solar developers to disrupt the utility industry just like Netflix disrupted the entire video rental industry. Blue Origin Solar’s innovative no-upfront-cost commercial solar program is one of the company’s leading this massive energy transformation toward energy independence.

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